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                Agilent N8972A Noise

                更新時間:2018-05-07      點擊次數:3542

                Agilent N8972A Noise Figure Analyzer 10 MHz to 1.5 GHz




                The N8972A is a high performance noise figure analyzer designed to make fast, accurate and repeatable noise figure measurement. With its ease of use features, you can set up complex measurements simply and easily giving you repeatable and reliable results you can trust. The N8972A offers simultaneous noise figure and gain measurements with the ability to view, print and save the data/display in multiple formats. The noise figure analyzer also has the ability to characterize amplifiers and frequency translating devices, including LO control over dedicated 2nd GPIB.

                The N8973A, N8974A and N897 offer increased measurement accuracy and faster measurement speed over the entry level 10 MHz to 1.5 GHz N8973A model as well as six user selectable measurement bandwidths. (The N8972A has a 4 MHz measurements bandwidth as default).